Digital Photography Software Instructional Videos

Often Photo Safari's end before we can discuss photo editing, so these videos are to help Yellow Wood Guiding Clients expand their knowledge of digital photo editing software. The Basic Editing videos will carry over to many different editing programs including Photoshop Elements, iPhoto, Picasa, Gimp, or Infranview. The Advanced Editing videos apply to Adobe Photoshop.

The Photographer's Ephemeris Software is a great program for planning photographic trips, determining sunrise, sunset, and the direction of the sun, moon, and everything in between. Download it by clicking the link above.

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Basic Editing - In Photoshop

Video 1 - Basic Editing: Histogram, Levels, Shadows/Highlights, and Contrast Adjustments

Video 2 - Color Balance and Color Enhancement

Video 3 - Resizing Images: Cropping, Image Resize, Sharpening for the Web, and Save for the Web

Adobe Lightroom 2

Video 1 - Lightroom's Library Module, Importing, Culling and Keywords

Video 2 - Lightroom's Develop Module Basics

Video 3 - Lightroom's Develop Module HSL, Detail, Lens Correction, and Vignette Panel

Video 4 - Lightroom's Develop Module Presets, Cropping Tool

Video 5 - Lightroom's Develop Module Spot Removal, Grad Filter, and Adjustment brush tool

Video 6 - Lightroom's Export, Printing and Web Modules


Photomatix Pro HDR Software

Video - Quick How To video on Photomatix Pro


Raw Editing with Adobe Camera Raw

Video 1 - ACR Basic Panel

Video 2 - ACR Capture Sharpening

Video 3 - ACR Curves Adjustments

Video 4 - ACR Hue and Saturation Adjustment Panel and Lens Correction Panel


Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Nature Images

Video 1 - Selecting with Quick Mask, selective editing especially for sharpening or noise reduction

Video 2 - Dodging and Burning to carefully lighten or darken an image in certain areas

Video 3 - Cloning to remove unwanted items

Video 4 - Eye Enhancement

Video 5 - Gradual Neutral Density masking


The Photographer's Ephemeris - Software to plan your next photographic trip

Video 1 - Basic use of TPE

Video 2 - Using TPE's best features

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